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- It's true! I was named after the spice (my parents liked to cook).


- I've been told that my superpower is making people feel beautiful.


- I have been photographing for over 15 years. My favorite client feedback was being called a "facilitator of awesomeness."


- I have a bachelor's degree in Film & Photography and a master's in Counseling Psychology. I heart creativity + people.


I love adventures. And jumping in photos. And 5 min dance breaks.


- I have a weakness for sunsets and documentaries on quantum physics.


I adore Manhattan and London and have lived in both. I'm originally from Woodstock NY, recently called by Vogue "The Most Famous Small Town in the World."


- I play the ukulele and am a connoisseur of all things gluten-free.


- I am super grateful for such rockstar clients who welcome me into their homes, families, hearts, and lives. 

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